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State of the art AI technology for intraday trading.

The AiWave is the latest in the state of the art artificial intelligence for forecasting market reversals that may prove invaluable in predicting the next market move. It is trained on historical data to forecast an expected location of a market reversal, which is shown as a dot with an elliptical area of uncertainty around it. The uncertainty area will become red, and then surrounded by a red outline to indicate the imminence of a reversal. Subsequently, a dashed line will show a forecast of the most likely location of a reversal with a diamond at the end denoting the next reversal.

The AiWave runs on the NinjaTrader platform and does not necessitate any additional requirements. However, it must be trained on each individual instrument, which requires a substantial amount of data and processing time of 5-15 minutes. Because the accuracy of prediction depends on the amount of data, the AiWave is primarily useful in forecasting intraday data that has at least one hundred thousand bars. The accuracy also depends on the nature of the instrument; for instance, cryptocurrencies are more volatile and thus more difficult to predict than commodity futures. To optimize the performance of the AiWave, it provides a range of AI training parameters which can be employed to tailor it to a particular instrument, thus making it a very capable tool.

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